Work With Me

Individual Nutrition Consulting

First session 1.5-2 hours

Diet analysis, nutrition tracking, micro and macro nutrient assessment, supplement analysis, lifestyle factors, toxin exposure. Weekly or bi-weekly appointments available.

Benefits: Ability to obtain specific nutrition guidance for the symptoms or conditions of the individual; goal setting and strategy for making nutritional changes.

Meal Plan

Individualized Recipes

A meal plan is created based on the client’s individual needs and food preferences. Recipes are provided with a focus on nutrients that are deficient in the client’s diet and include “cleaned up” versions of favorite dishes. Portion control.

Benefits:  Continue to eat favorite foods while making significant changes to the diet.

Basic Cooking session

3 hours

Cooking session to provide basic cooking instructions for meals, snacks and smoothies that are included in the individualized meal plan.

Benefits: Learn how to “batch cook” and plan meals ahead of time to save time and greatly increase the nutritional value of the meals.

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