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I’m Sue Benun, a Certified Nutrition Consultant and diet and lifestyle educator.  Each one of us has a unique biochemistry and story that needs to be considered when striving for optimal health. Using a customized approach of targeted nutrition, I focus on each client’s individual health journey, and provide the tools necessary for each client to reach their health goals.  I consider individual needs and biology in order to find solutions that are sustainable and practical.

As a lifelong runner, I spent my early years eating whatever I felt like and usually felt reasonably good.  Later in life, the carb-based refueling cycle that I was on began to fail me.  I rarely felt nourished after my meals and struggled with sleep, brain fog and low energy.  As a busy mom with 3 young kids, I trained for and competed in my first marathon, and felt first-hand what it is like to “hit the wall”, as my glycogen stores ran out.  I finished the race but knew that my nutrition game needed a complete overhaul.  That was over 10 years ago and that experience is one of the events that fueled my passion to work in the field of nutrition. My nutrition transformation began by using a targeted nutrition program based on organic, unrefined, nutrient dense foods that fuel the body, aid in recovery and build muscle.  In addition to diet, the lifestyle changes I adopted helped balance my energy, digestion and mood. That story began with a 40 something year-old “bonking” her first marathon, and ends with her winning her age group in the 2016 LA Marathon.  Food heals.

Studying the science of nutrition and working in the wellness industry has been a passionate journey for me and has spilled over into many areas of my life.  Raising 3 sporty kids with food sensitivities and preferences (pickiness!) has helped me to master the art of researching, prepping and cooking nutrient dense organic foods that fuel their bodies for sports, growth and brain support. One focus in my practice is resolving sleep issues that can arise from inadequate nutrition, stress, hormonal imbalances and other lifestyle factors. Another focus is working with women over 40 to navigate their energy challenges, gut health and hormone imbalance.

The science of nutrition holds true whether you are running a race or binge watching your favorite show.  As a certified nutrition consultant, I know that the root of wellness is healthy eating, targeted nutrients and a healthy lifestyle.  As part of my services, I share my knowledge of whole food selection, meal planning and healthy recipes.  For anyone needing more guidance in the kitchen, I offer basic cooking lessons.

Contact me today for a free consultation to learn about how I can help you thrive.

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